Sunday, March 9, 2014

April 2013

Well hello there, old friend. It's been a LONG time since I've logged into this blog, though I think of it and even attempt it often. But then I'm far behind on my business blog, so this one takes a back seat. The personal pictures are piling up all over the place and are a stressful, disorganized mess and I've got scraps of paper with notes about the boys scattered in piles everywhere, so I decided to start making time. I've missed this place.

Another hold-up has been the time it takes to edit photos, so I'm letting that part go. I've decided I would rather have our memories to look back on even if they are mostly unedited than not have them on here. The boys are always asking to look at the blog so a big part of it is for them.

I'm starting back to almost a year ago, in April 2013. My last post was in June, but it was of our April trip to Oregon (which we will be going on again soon) and the other spring photos never made it here. And for now, it will be just with little or no explanation until I am able to make a little bit of a dent.

Silly string mess!

There's a new cousin in the mix now! Wow, time flies!
Some things change and some things stay the same. These guys were doing this exact thing a couple of weeks ago, but with a whole lot more snow.

There was snow at the end of April...yuck! I don't like to think about that again this year. I've already had plenty of it.
But there was hope the very next day.


Emmett turned 2 and got the yellow balance bike he asked for. He took one quick ride on it and determined it was "too tippy" and didn't touch it for weeks. When he finally decided to give it another go, he quickly became a pro at it, making Mama nervous as he zoomed down the driveway at lightning speed with his feet up and his head down watching the ground.

Liam was a good teacher for his little brother. They've since outgrown their bikes and Liam is now pedaling away on a big boy bike while Emmett has the blue bike from Liam.

Grandma and Papa were here to celebrate the occasion with lunch at The Iron Horse.
No 2-year-old birthday party would be complete without a little bit of drama over ice cream.

Then there's this photo, taken last April at Grandma & Papa's house of Liam and Luther. Luther was recovering from surgery and Liam was looking for comfort from the traumas of being 3 and I snapped away. When I posted it on my business page, somebody suggested I submit it somewhere, so I did and it was one of 2 winning photos. Perhaps that was the beginning of the end for this blog last year, when I finally got the confidence to start putting more of my photos "out there" for more people to see. I am determined to continue to put myself out there with my business, yet still find the time for the projects and photos that mean the most to me and to our family. Here's to hoping!!
Liam and Luther

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Oregon ~ Part 6 (Finally, the End)

I'm still chugging along with these photos, and I'm happy to say that this is finally the last Oregon trip post. The last few days of our trip were pretty rough at times. It was rainy, naps were difficult to coordinate, it was just me hanging solo with the boys while Pat was in class, but we figured out some solutions. We did the IKEA thing momentarily, but as I mentioned, it didn't end well. We ended up at the McDonald's play area at one point. That's when you know things are rough! We spent one morning at OMSI, but there were busloads full of kids there for school trips, so we didn't last long there either. The best solution? Hopping on the MAX train with no schedule and no agenda and just letting the boys ride the train. You would have thought we were in Disneyland!

Spaghetti Factory is always a favorite stop, especially when there are rain puddles for jumping.
After leaving OMSI, we walked along the water, sometimes happy, sometimes not at all.
04-05-13_Oregon 1
04-05-13_Oregon 2
04-05-13_Oregon 3
So thankful my boys are happy with public transportation because it saved our sanity! I love exploring Portland too, so it ended up being a fun day for us. We hopped on and off, stopped for lunch at Chipotle, and people-watched.
04-05-13_Oregon 4
We got off at a mall downtown and were in a toy store waiting in line to buy little cars when the cashier yelled out some profanities and told us to get out of the store. All of a sudden the store started to fill with smoke, so we ran outside. The boys and I got to watch several fire trucks and firefighters in action. The fire ended up not being a big deal, but Liam's biggest concern was that he didn't get his new car.
We hung out for quite awhile outside my old stomping grounds. The building with all the windows is where I spent many, many, many hours of my life back in the day working on taxes. I preferred being outside of that building with my boys, watching them chase pigeons and see how close they could get to the fountain.
04-05-13_Oregon 5
Some of our best times were just hanging out in our hotel room.
04-05-13_Oregon 6
The boys and I met up with Heather, Henry, and Owen the day before we drove back to Montana. It was another rainy day, but we were able to take advantage of a break in the rain for a trip to the park.
04-06-13_Oregon 1
There were so many flower petals on the ground it looked like snow!
04-06-13_Oregon 2
I'm ready for a trip back already!